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The Punisher Creator Reveals New Black Lives Matter Punisher Logos

As some of you already know, the iconic skull logo that’s remained a symbol of The Punisher for decades has been more frequently used by real-life police officers today. At a time when people are calling to defund the police, however, Punisher co-creator Gerry Conway has helped create a campaign to reclaim the logo and turn it into something positive for Black Lives Matter. As you can see down below, the campaign he’s helped create is being called the BLM – Skulls for Justice.

He first explained this campaign via his Twitter social media page, stating:

“I’m looking for young comic book artists of color who’d like to participate in a small fundraising project for #BLM to reclaim the Punisher skull as a symbol of justice rather than lawless police oppression.”

This post was soon followed up by the unveiling of the official Skulls for Justice campaign name. He then explained that the campaign features shirts with designs created mostly by artists of color, as well as a few white artists, and that new designs will go up every two days.

“It’s a collection of artist-designed t-shirts raising funds for #BlackLivesMatters #BLM by claiming a symbol of oppression as a symbol of justice. The first three shirts are available for purchase now, and another shirt will be added every two days.”

He continued:

“The artists who created these designs are mostly young artists of color (though we have a couple of not so young white guys too) and for a few this is their first large scale public exposure.”

Gerry Conway also emphasized how important it is that people support the Skulls for Justice campaign.

“Please support this fund raiser– in order for each campaign to fund there needs to be a minimum number sold (visible on each link). If the minimum isn’t met the funds don’t get released and the shirts don’t go out. So buy for yourself, buy for friends and loved ones.”

As explained on the campaign page:

“For too long, symbols associated with a character I co-created have been co-opted by forces of oppression and to intimidate black Americans. This character and symbol was never intended as a symbol of oppression.”

He adds, “This is a symbol of a systematic failure of equal justice. It’s time to claim this symbol for the cause of equal justice and Black Lives Matter.”

The funds raised will be going to Black Lives Matter Los Angeles, an organization that’s intensely dedicated to defunding the police. You can view each of the current shirt designs for the fundraiser below:





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