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Disney Being Asked To Sue Cops For Using The Punisher Logo; Marvel Responds

As anyone that’s a fan of Marvel knows, their character The Punisher tends to be one of the most violent and at times even controversial creations. Interestingly, however, this has somehow resulted in his signature Punisher symbol – the iconic skull logo – to become a symbol for Blue Lives Matter, a movement designed to emphasize the importance of police officers. However, even though only some police officers are brandishing the Punisher logo for Blue Lives Matter, it’s been enough that a few comic creators are attempting to get Disney to sue the aforementioned police officers.

It really is fascinating to see that some police officers have adopted The Punisher’s skull logo as their own, especially when you consider how the Marvel character is an antihero that kills criminals according to his own will. In fact, there are even instances in the comics when The Punisher criticizes cops for using his symbol – and, going a step further, Punisher co-creator Gerry Conway has criticized such acts.

Now as stated above, a variety of comic creators have stepped forward and asked Marvel to sue those police officers that used the Punisher logo without any legal permission. The comic creators that suggested such include Mags Visaggio, Matt Wilson, Eric Palicki, Kat Verhoeven, and a variety of other comic book creators as well.

At a time when people have become incredibly upset with police forces nationwide, especially following the death of George Floyd and the violence which occurred during the resulting protests, it does seem especially inappropriate for police to use the symbol of The Punisher of  all things to promote their “Blue Lives Matter” campaign.

Marvel hasn’t released a statement yet, but when a spokesperson was asked for their stance on the matter, they simply pointed to Punisher #13 which was released last year – and featured this:


“I’ll say this once, we’re not the same. You took an oath to uphold the law. You help people. I gave all that up a long time ago. You don’t do what I do. Nobody does. You boys need a role model? His name is Captain America, and he’d be happy to have you.”

While it’s unclear if Disney will yet take legal action, it would allow for the logo to stay out of any political agendas and keep it where it belongs – only with The Punisher himself.

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