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Artist Imagines Realistic Versions Of Disney & Pixar Characters

It isn’t a surprise to anyone that both Disney and Pixar have created some of the world’s most recognizable and beloved animated characters of all time. In fact, it’s these animated films that helped build these companies to the powerhouses that they are today – especially Pixar, considering they exist exclusively for creating some of the most critically acclaimed and beloved animated projects. Of course, sometimes it’s fun to imagine our favorite animated characters, like those from Disney and Pixar, as if they were real life individual people. Unfortunately, it might be one of those situations where it might’ve been better left alone – as this new series of artwork has created a realistically creepy new interpretation of said characters.

As you can see below, the artwork was created for a series branded under the title “Real toons” from artist halawany.m, an Instagram artist who’s given characters like Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Genie from Aladdin, and Donald Duck a variety of completely new yet obviously identifiable appearances.

For example, all of the characters are clearly modeled after who they’re intended to be. Buzz Lightyear is still very much the beloved astronaut toy from Toy Story. And Donald Duck, for example, is still the silly Disney character that audiences have been watching for generations. But at the same time, these real life Disney and Pixar characters have also been quite heavily modified. As you can see, Buzz Lightyear doesn’t have his astronaut suit. Woody doesn’t have his cowboy clothes aside from his signature hat. In fact, all of the characters are given normal everyday clothing and accessories.

This, mixed with the fact they all seem to be so realistically rendered – albeit clearly animated at the same time – gives the artworks a really surreal quality. And that, is no doubt, where a lot of the creepiness stems from. Nevertheless, these are some impressive renderings, a great way to perceive some new real life interpretations for several Disney and Pixar characters.

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