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New ‘Fable’ Game Is Coming To Xbox Series X And PC

The hotly-contested battle between Microsoft and Sony rages on, with both companies preparing for a new generation of gaming consoles. While Sony has already revealed a bevy of information about the PlayStation 5 (including the reveal of a Spider-Man: Miles Morales game that looks incredible), Microsoft has kept their cards close to their chest over the past few months. That is until now, with the company revealing a few of the exciting upcoming titles for the Xbox Series X. While there’s no surprise that several Xbox staples were revealed (including Halo: Infinite), a big shock came in with the reveal of a new Fable game.

During the Xbox Games Showcase, Microsoft released the first trailer for Fable, reviving the beloved franchise that has been dormant for nearly a decade (the last game Fable 3 released back in October 2010). It’s currently unknown whether the game will be a reboot or a follow-up to the previous three titles, but the teaser offers an exciting new look at the new-generation graphics that will bring the world to life. Check out the teaser:

The Fable series is a fascinating one, as the games have developed a distinct love/hate relationship with gamers. Some have enjoyed the series’ fantasy world mixed with intriguing RPG mechanics, while others have criticized the games for not realizing their wide aspirations. Fable creator Peter Molyneux has become a meme of-sorts for his history of empty promises, so it will be interesting to see where the franchise goes without his direct involvement.

As far as the Xbox Series X goes, I am curious to see how Microsoft improves upon the Xbox One, a console that launched with a litany of problems and a poor selection of games. To compete with the Playstation 5, there needs to be a greater focus on exclusive games and known brands to sell gamers on the new console.

Are you interested in the new Fable? Let us know in the comments! 

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