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Loftus Hall, Ireland’s Most Haunted House, Is Now For Sale

Every so often, an allegedly haunted house goes up for sale. While the prices aren’t always the most affordable, the chance to have your very own piece of supposedly haunted phenomena is sometimes too fascinating not to look into. Such is the case with Loftus Hall, a location that’s considered one of the most haunted houses in Ireland – and it just went up for sale.

As revealed by Time Out, Loftus Hall is currently listed at €2.5 million ($2.89 million USD). For that price you’ll not only receive the 27,000-square-foot home, but also 63 acres of land which includes your very own private beach. Not too shabby for a haunted house.

Loftus Hall

Loftus Hall

Loftus Hall

The house’s current owners, Shane and Aidan Quigley, purchased the location in 2011. They renovated the spot and opened it up to the public. While it’s quite a nice looking place thanks to their hard work, it’s worth looking into some of the rather eerie ghost stories associated with the location.

It seems one night a “dark stranger” once took shelter at the house, an individual that many consider to be the devil himself. He visited with the Tottenham family that lived there, and according to Time Out:

“Young Lady Anne Tottenham was very taken with the new arrival. Infatuated, in fact. But one night, while playing a game together, she dropped one of her cards, stooped down and noticed he had cloven hoofs instead of feet. He then shot through the roof in a ball of smoke. She was so shocked she never recovered, and died a couple of years later.”

As the legend goes, that same dark stranger now haunts the location and its 22 rooms. In fact, Loftus Hall has been the subject of several ghost hunting shows, and it’s even been open for ghost tours and “paranormal lockdowns.”

It sounds like quite the place if you have a couple million to spare.

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