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Watch: Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Audition Tape

Spider-Man is seeing his third iteration on the big screen thanks to the joint venture between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios. In the early 2000’s, Tobey Maguire brought Spidey to life in three films. Then, Andrew Garfield had his turn with two films. But now, the world has arguably its greatest version of the character in Tom Holland, and the 24 year old actor has played the Wall-Crawler in more films than the previous 2 combined. But, how did he get the role in the first place? Well, now you can watch his first audition to see for yourself!

Even though it’s obvious that Sony made the smart move in joining forces with the Marvel Cinematic Universe to give fans the best version of Spider-Man on the big screen, the success of this version arguably lies on the shoulders of the man in the suit – Tom Holland. Holland has been the youngest actor to portray Peter Parker, taking the role at 19 years old for Captain America: Civil War. He has gone on to appear in two more MCU films and has had two very successful solo films, with a third on the way (as well as more MCU appearances). Tom brought a true youthfulness to the character, as well as legit athletic and gymnastic ability. He has embodied Web Swinger like no other, and to many is the real life personification of Peter Parker.

The audition tapes are something to behold. Not only is it a great insight to the process in general, you can see just how much Holland wanted this role. It was like he knew he was born for the part, and he put his heart and soul into getting it. One thing is for sure, the fans are the ones winning here, getting a proper version of one of literary’s most iconic heroes.

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