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David Arquette Blames Himself For Courteney Cox’s Bangs In ‘Scream 3’

Out of the several films that comprise the Scream franchise, it’s often Scream 3 that receives the most criticism. While horror fans and critics alike have both complained about a multitude of issues in Scream 3, there’s one element that continues to be made fun of today. Actress Courteney Cox’s bangs. Her haircut in Scream 3 is something that even Courtney Cox herself has called horrible in the past, and now actor David Arquette is taking responsibility for her bangs.

According to a new interview that David Arquette had with Entertainment Tonight, the awful bangs that Courteney Cox shows off in Scream 3 were all his idea. As many fans know, the two happened to be married at the time. Courteney Cox has told Arquette she wanted her character in the Scream films to have a different haircut in each installment, and that she needed some ideas for when they started filming Scream 3. And thus the bangs became a thing.

As David Arquette explained himself:

“The bangs were my fault. I have to admit, I was like, ‘Oh, you should do a like, Bettie Page thing, you know, just like, a little. That was my fault. Totally, I’ll take full responsibility. I mean they’re, you know, a professional hairdresser’s fault of course. And they didn’t really do Bettie Page kind of really blunt bangs. Like, that’s what the idea was. They tried to mess with them. You can’t. You have to go fully in. You can’t, like, halfway those kinds of things.”

It’s obvious that the plan didn’t work, and now Courteney Cox’s bangs are only one of many elements in Scream 3 that never clicked with fans of the franchise. Nevertheless, it wasn’t enough to kill the series. Stars Courtney Cox, David Arquette, and Neve Campbell all came back for Scream 4 in 2011.

And so far Courteney Cox and David Arquette are both now attached to make another return with Scream 5 which is intended to start shooting later this year. At this moment in time Neve Campbell isn’t attached, but she is undergoing discussions to return, so hopefully the series will be able to make a proper comeback yet again. And hopefully everyone’s haircuts will look good on screen.

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