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‘The Flash’ Concept Art Reveals Michael Keaton’s Batman & Barry Allen’s New Suit

Dc Fandome is in full force this weekend, bringing an online convention to the world at a time when a real life convention just isn’t possible (thanks a lot, COVID). There have been plenty of big panels already, full of exclusive new details, like the final trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 and a full character list for The Suicide Squad. Another panel from today was for The Flash, starring Ezra Miller and directed by IT director, Andy Muschietti. And, while the film hasn’t started production yet, they did share some concept art to showcase Barry Allen’s new costume, and it’s something to behold.

Taking a look at the concept art, we see they have streamlined The Flash’s costume. And, as you can see by the ‘guest’ in the art, Batman created the new suit for him. In Justice League, we saw a more armor like outfit, built from the same material as space rockets to deal with the force of traveling at great speeds. Now, thanks to WayneTech, his costume will be more in line with the comics. This particular look is seemingly inspired by ‘The New 52’ Flash, which came about after the events of ‘The Flashpoint Paradox’, which also happens to be the inspiration for the film’s plot. There are lights throughout the suit, like the lightning in Barry’s suit after ‘fixing’ the timeline.

While there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the solo Flash flick, like multiple directors leaving the project and Ezra Miller having a scuffle with a fan, this movie looks to be a foundation piece for the future of DC Films. By introducing their version of a multiverse, like having multiple Batmans involved, all of the DC films and TV shows can co-exist while still standing on their own. And, if the concept art is any inclination as to the quality of this film, we are definitely in for a treat!

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