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Chris Evans Accidentally Leaks Nude Photo On Instagram

It isn’t surprising that the internet has given fans an even deeper connection with celebrities over the years, considering how easy social media has made it to instantly post content to millions of followers. Of course, like most things, accidents will tend to happen – and now actor Chris Evans made a massive one. As it turns out, the actor accidentally ended a new Instagram video with one rather revealing image – a picture of a penis on his camera roll – though it’s not 100% certain who it belongs to.

As you can probably expect, the photo generated quite the reaction on Twitter.

The Captain America actor is no stranger to making the internet go wild – although, this time is a very different reason. Earlier this week, he posted a picture of himself in bed with a dog, revealing a new tattoo:

It just goes to show that everyone should be careful to check what they’re about to post online, especially if you’re a massive celebrity like Chris Evans.

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