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Some Want Chris Evans Cancelled – Triggering A Viral Discussion About Cancel Culture

If you’ve made any type of mistake on the internet or said the wrong thing (even if it was years ago) there are people out there who will want you gone – even if you apologize. It’s called cancel culture. It appears that cancel culture is going after another member of The Avengers – as we just saw it go after Robert Downey Jr. for his role in Tropic Thunder back in 2008. Scarlet Johannson received it for taking a role playing a Transgender person back in 2018, Chris Hemsworth took some heat for his recent film Extraction being “problematic”, and Jeremy Renner took some criticism for allegations leveled against him by his ex-wife. so naturally, you knew that it would eventually come back to Captain America, himself – Chris Evans.

A new hashtag has started trending on Twitter that reads #chrisevansisoverparty, with some wanting to cancel him for a few different random things. It’s important to point out that the majority of the hashtag is on Evans’ side, but there are still some who are not. This is where it began:

That was a while ago, but it’s started back up again:

And now, the hashtag is trending in support of the Marvel actor:

When you look over everything, it appears that there are some who want to cancel Chris Evans for his comments about U.S. President Donald Trump and some want to cancel him for comments he’s made in the past – and for playing a character in a movie. It also appears that bots may have played a part? Brad Pitt fans? Does anyone know? All in all, it’s a pretty weird thing that will likely soon be forgotten.

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