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A Creepy New Horror Movie Has Been Dominating Netflix

While the odds weren’t exactly in its favor, it appears that one horror film newly added to Netflix’s massive streaming platform is finding quite a bit of success on the service. The film, which is an intense foray into paranoia and suspense, is titled The Paramedic. It’s a Spanish psychological horror film that, as of this writing, has crawled all the way to the #4 spot of Netflix’s most watched movies.

It’s an impressive feat, as seen on FlixPatrol, especially considering foreign films aren’t usually this successful on Netflix. Nevertheless, it proves that sometimes strong, solid content will simply find a way to survive.

The plot of the film is rather interesting, following a first responder named Ángel. He lives a rather paranoid and upsetting lifestyle upon losing his ability to walk, the result of a collision in his ambulance. As such, he becomes dependent on his partner Vane – and thus continues a rather tense and hellish movie. It’s definitely a story that’s worth investing some time into, at least if you’re willing to take a rather dark journey and immerse yourself in an unusual little character study.

Interestingly, however, Ángel isn’t exactly a likable character – which is what makes this movie a little unusual. In fact, many who have seen the film have found the lead character to be rather despicable. The film is much more sympathetic towards his partner Vane, who somehow manages to put up with Ángel, and perhaps that’s an ingredient that makes this an effective watch.

Regardless, The Paramedic is currently one of the biggest movies on Netflix. So, if you’re in the mood for an interesting little psychological horror film, and you don’t mind that it’s a Spanish production – then you may very well enjoy catching The Paramedic. Hopefully we continue to see such unique and impressive little ways continue to climb Netflix’s charts.

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