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Tom Cruise Could Be Playing Iron Man In ‘Doctor Strange’ Sequel

The Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn’t recast its characters very often. But in the case of parallel universes becoming a more common theme – especially with the upcoming film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – fans should likely be prepared to see alternate versions of their favorite Marvel characters. Especially if this latest rumor is to be believed, in which case actor Tom Cruise might very well become Iron Man in an alternate universe interpretation of the iconic superhero.

The rumor was suggested by insider Daniel Richtman, who reported that Marvel is interested in getting some alternate universe versions of fan favorite Marvel characters for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which indeed could include Tom Cruise as Iron Man. As explained by Richtman, via The Direct:

“I have they are considering a bunch of interesting cameos for Strange to play different versions of chatacter we know. One example I heard of they are considering is Tom Cruise as Tony Stark from another Earth (At one point Cruise almost got the role of Stark before RDJ)”

The idea definitely makes sense, and could be a lot of fun if Tom Cruise decided to come onboard. After all, as stated, he did nearly play Iron Man in the 1990’s before Robert Downey Jr. got the chance – so seeing Tom Cruise come back to the role all these decades later would be more than fitting.

Of course, all of this information should simply be taken as unconfirmed rumors for now. But no doubt with a multiverse its center, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will surely be taking full advantage of the concept. Only time will tell if that concept includes Tom Cruise as Iron Man. Stay tuned to ScreenGeek for any future updates on the upcoming film and whether or not we can expect Tom Cruise or any other major celebrities to be making cameo appearances.

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