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Moon Knight Rumor Says Marvel Wants Keanu Reeves For Disney Plus Series

With Disney Plus becoming one of the most popular streaming services around, it’s a no-brainer that Disney is already prepping its next batch of Marvel shows. One such upcoming Marvel series is Moon Knight, and a new report suggests not only a nearby production start date – but also a promising actor that could star as the titular Moon Knight aka Marc Spector. And for this particular Moon Knight series, it possibly might even be star Keanu Reeves that Marvel is eyeing for the lead role.

The possibility of Keanu Reeves as Moon Knight was revealed in a new report from The Illuminerdi, who were also able to share a potential November shoot date for the series to start production. According to their report, Marvel is looking for an actor in the 40 – 50 age range, and Keanu Reeves happens to be at the top of their list.

This would certainly be an interesting take on the character, and one that no doubt fans of both Moon Knight and Keanu Reeves would love to see. If you’re unfamiliar with Moon Knight, here’s a breakdown of the character via The Illuminerdi:

“Spector was a former pugilist, mercenary, and CIA agent. He’s double-crossed by his boss, Raoul Bushman, after they find a mysterious archaeological site, which Bushman planned to loot for his own selfish means. Near death, Spector comes into contact with Khonshu, an Egyptian moon god, who offers him another chance to live, in return for becoming his avatar on this world. Spector accepts the deal and is reborn with superhuman powers. He then returns to the U.S. and accumulates immense wealth after investing his earnings as a mercenary and becomes the crimefighter known as ‘Moon Knight.’

“Spector also created multiple identities, including the alias of millionaire Steven Grant to misdirect people from his mercenary history and Jake Lockley, a low-key taxicab driver that helps him keep a closer ear to the streets and criminal elements.”

Of course, this is just a rumor at the moment – so all of this information should be taken with a grain of salt. But considering the star power attached to Keanu Reeves, it shouldn’t be surprising that the studio would want him for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So why not get him for Moon Knight?

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