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New ‘COPS’ Episodes Are Being Filmed In Washington

Although the series COPS has remained a massive television staple for decades, it was previously announced for cancelation in light of the George Floyd protests earlier this year. The decision was a massive one, considering many probably never expected to see the series canceled so swiftly. In fact, many people were outright disappointed to see the series go, while others were satisfied to have COPS off the air. But now it seems COPS is going to resume production in Spokane, Washington – although the new episodes aren’t being made for the United States.

Apparently the new episodes that are being shot for COPS are intended to air only in international territories. This is due to a series of legal complications that presumably won’t allow the network to end the show as easily as it has in the United States.

The fact that production had started on new COPS episodes was confirmed by The Wrap, and they were actually able to speak with the County Sheriff’s Office and the Spokane Valley Deputies regarding production on the series. In fact, they were able to obtain the following statement from the County Sheriff’s Office in Spokane, Washington:

“We have a longstanding relationship with COPS and Langley productions, and we are pleased they have decided to return.”

So while the new COPS episodes being produced for the series in Spokane, Washington won’t be airing in the United States, it seems COPS will be returning for another round in international territories. Of course, this is probably disappointing news for those who’ve been hoping that COPS would return in the United States. But it is nice to know that the network isn’t technically breaking their promise to cancel the series, which should be good news for those who’ve been upset with the show COPS in light of recent events.

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