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Video: Rick Moranis Punched In The Head In Unprovoked Attack

Actor Rick Moranis recently re-entered the public eye with a new commercial spot alongside actor Ryan Reynolds. It was a major comeback considering the actor has been mostly absent from acting since 1997, aside from the occasional voice over role. However, he was recently the unfortunate victim in a horrible incident where Moranis was punched in the head by a random individual. You can see the incident for yourself in surveillance footage which captured the event.

It seems that Rick Moranis was simply walking near his home at 7:30 AM in Central Park West, New York when the unknown individual came from the other direction and punched him. As pointed out by the New York Post, the actor was clearly taken by surprise and had to take care of himself after the assailant left. Moranis was treated at the hospital for pain in his head, back, and right hip before he reported the incident.

Police are still investigating the incident, and as of this writing the assailant that attacked Rick Moranis is still at large. While footage did capture the entire event, the assailant was wearing a mask that makes it difficult to identify him. That being said, he is clearly wearing a black “I Love New York” sweatshirt.

“[Moranis] is doing well. He is strong. He is recovering.” said Detective Kaz Daughtry. “He just wants us to catch the bad guy and all this to go away.”

The officer also said:

“At this moment, [Moranis] just wants to stay home, he just wants to recover, and he just wants, you know, peace of mind, and once he gets better, then he is going to go out and do his daily things that he usually does.”

Let’s hope that police are able to identify the individual and charge him for his crime. What he did to Rick Moranis was completely unprompted, unnecessary and outright despicable. While the actor is in the midst of recovering from the hit, anyone who has information that could help identify the assailant is encouraged to contact the NYPD.

You can anonymously leave a tip to help police find the assailant if you have any information at the official website for Crime Stoppers. You can also call 800-577-TIPS, and still remain completely anonymous.

Hopefully all of this can go away soon, and we can expect the beloved Ghostbusters and Spaceballs actor to continue his return to the screen. He’s currently set to return in Shrunk, a sequel to Honey, I Shrunk the Kids which starred Rick Moranis as scientist Wayne Szalinski.

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