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HBO Max Releases Trailer For ‘The Witches’ Remake

The world is still reeling from the COVID-19 global pandemic, and the entertainment industry is trying to adapt. Theaters have tried reopening, but to little effect. So, the streaming services have stepped up to become the end all, be all when it comes to new movies. Many films have gone straight to everyone’s homes, like Disney Plus releasing Mulan on their service, films like Bill & Ted Face The Music simultaneously releasing in theaters and On Demand, and Trolls: World Tour establishing Universal’s plan for future home releases. Now, HBO Max is getting in on the home release market for a new film with a surprising release of The Witches – which comes to the streaming service on October 22nd!

Based on iconic author Roald Dahl’s book, The Witches starred Angelica Houston as the creepy Grand High Witch in a story where evil hags hate children to their core, and devise a potion to turn them into mice during a ‘Witches Convention’ at a hotel. Now, taking the Grand High Witch role is Oscar winning actress, Anne Hathaway. Joining Hathaway is Academy Award winning actress, Octavia Spencer and the incomparable Stanley Tucci. The film is helmed by legendary director, Robert Zemeckis.

Zemeckis’ take is supposedly more book accurate take for his version, giving it a darker, more grim look and setting up a franchise, rather than the happy ending wrap up we got in the first version of the movie. Hollywood has a love/hate relationship with remaking classic films. Many times you find that the new version never measures up to the original, but occasionally you get a proper homage to the classic whilst giving a new generation their own version to love. Hopefully that’s what we get here with this HBO Max exclusive.

Are you ready for the The Witches remake on HBO Max? Let us know in the comments below!

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