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Jacob Batalon Reveals Body Transformation For ‘Spider-Man 3’

As great as Tom Holland is as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man, his solo films with Sony Pictures have been solidified by his supporting cast. Alongside great villains like Michael Keaton’s Vulture or Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio, Peter Parker’s friends really bring depth to the story. None do this better than his best friend, his ‘man in the chair’, Ned Leeds, played perfectly by Jacob Batalon. Now, as filming of the third film gets underway in Atlanta, Batalon has posted a new picture of himself ready to film once again, and he’s got fans shook by his recent transformation.

Batalon has recently posted on his Instagram some pictures of his secret weight loss that has the star looking trim and fit. This latest photo has the actor, would shaves his head, back in the Ned wig, ready to begin filming.

Now, it is unclear whether Ned’s weight loss will be addressed in the film, but with Batalon getting in shape, it could lead to the prospect of Ned finally heading down the road to becoming the Hobgoblin.

In the comics, Ned Leeds becomes the Hobgoblin, stealing some of the Green Goblin’s tech and developing his own supervillain persona. Throughout his tenure, he is convinced that the scary goblin mask he wears is his actual face, it actually does becomes his face at one point, and he becomes part of the Sinister Six on multiple occasions. Ned in the comics was never a childhood friend of Peter Parker, but this could actually lead to why Ned takes up the mantle in the first place. Jealous of Peter’s abilities and his building responsibilities taking time away from their friendship could lead to Ned looking to become a hero himself, only to have an adverse reaction to whatever procedure he attempts, and in turn becoming a villain.

Regardless of what happens, Batalon looks great and congrats to him on his weight loss journey.

What do you think of Jacob Batalon’s new look? Let us know in the comments below!

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