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‘Dog Soldiers’ Sequel May Still Happen Says Neil Marshall

Filmmaker Neil Marshall has never strayed too far from his roots in the horror genre, and it looks like he might be making a return to one of his most iconic movies. While it doesn’t seem like anything official is in the works, at least not yet, Neil Marshall has suggested that a sequel to Dog Soldiers is a possibility. In fact, he’s insisted that it’s actually more likely to happen at this point in time.

While speaking in a recent interview, Marshall said:

“There’s more of a chance now than ever before.”

Neil Marshall further went into detail when talking with Den Of Geek about the possibility of a Dog Soldiers sequel, stating:

“There’s things in the works and we’re seeing what we can do. Certainly, myself and Kevin McKidd and [Dog Soldiers producer] Chris Figg are up for it to revisit this world. Over the past 18 years the question I get asked pretty much more than anything else is when are we going to get Dog Soldiers 2?’ Part of me thinks I’d like to go back and re-visit that world somehow. And if Kev’s up for it, then that would make it worthwhile for sure.”

“So we’ll see. You never know.“

This is pretty exciting to hear, especially for fans of the 2002 horror film Dog Soldiers. The movie has gone on to become quite a hit in the werewolf subgenre, and talks of a sequel have popped up every so often. In fact, talks of a sequel go way back to 2004, when there was a project in the works titled Dog Soldiers: Fresh Meat. Obviously that project never materialized, but seeing that Neil Marshall believes “there’s more of a chance now than ever before,” well, that’s incredibly promising.

In the meantime, Neil Marshall will still be making another return to the horror genre – this time with a movie titled The Lair. So, while we might not be getting that Dog Soldiers sequel just yet, it’s nice to see that Marshall is still eager to get behind the camera.

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