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godzilla vs. kong

‘Godzilla Vs. Kong’ Report Suggests The Film Will Get A Streaming Release

The COVID-19 global pandemic has affected everyone in so many ways. On top of all of the loss and heartache and instability it has caused, it has also robbed us of our escapism via the cinema. People loved going to the theater and just living in a fantasy world for a couple hours to escape the grind of reality. But, now theaters are closed and we’ve gone nearly an entire year without any new films on the big screen. However, Hollywood is resilient and has worked around it a bit, giving us home releases of some films. Disney Plus gave us Mulan. Bill and Ted Face the Music was a huge success On Demand. And, this Christmas, we will get Wonder Woman 1984 both in theaters and on HBO Max the same day! Now, it looks like another blockbuster might be headed to home release as well: Godzilla vs. Kong!

The Hollywood Reporter is running a story that Netflix has offered up $200 million dollars for the film’s rights to stream instead of theatrical release. However, WB has blocked their offer to propose a counter offer to Lionsgate for their HBO Max streaming service. A WB spokesperson did say that they plan to release the film theatrically next year, but this could be a similar situation as Wonder Woman 1984 where they do the double release on HBO Max as well.

Not a lot of news has come out about this film over the last few months, letting it drop off of everyone’s mind essentially. Unless WB puts out an aggressive marketing campaign, and people can feel truly safe again in a theater, it may be best to do a home release. It could help boost their subscribers even more, especially with Netflix once again raising prices. Fingers crossed we’ll get a definitive answer soon.

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