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Original ‘Jaws’ Shark Has Been Restored And Put On Display

Jaws is considered one of Hollywood’s greatest films, and rightfully so. While the debate over whether the film is a horror movie or not still rages on today, everyone agrees at the impact this film had. While technically not legendary director Steven Spielberg’s first film, it definitely put him on the map. It also changed cinema forever, bringing focus to the mega summer blockbuster. It also gave all of us a fear of the water and a phobia of sharks. The honor of bestowing that fear goes to ‘Bruce’ the animatronic shark used in the film. Now, Bruce has been restored, and is on display for all to see.

The new Academy Museum of Motion Pictures went on Twitter to showcase the restored Bruce hanging on display. The museum is set to open in April of 2021, and Bruce will certainly be one of the main attractions of the Los Angeles based institution. Moreso, The Walking Dead special effects veteran, Greg Nicotero, was put in charge of restoring this icon of Hollywood. Nicotero has a long tenure in Hollywood as well, working on such films as Evil Dead 2, Sin City, The Mist, Spawn, and many, many more. He relayed his honor in being chosen on his Instagram:

“Very proud to see our restoration of the last original casting of the shark from Jaws taking its place in the soon to be open Motion Picture Academy Museum. Truly a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and I couldn’t be more proud to know that for years to come people will be able to marvel at this amazing creation and pay tribute to every technician that worked on the film. Huge thanks to every at KNB for their dedication to this project and Steven, Joe Alves and Roy Arbogast.”

While Bruce is a legendary cinematic villain, it would seem he was a bit of a diva off screen. Jaws is famous not only for its amazing impact on Hollywood, but also for its very tumultuous production, mainly due to Bruce constantly breaking down and throwing the crew for a loop. Still, the film got made, and it made history. Now, that history will live forever at the AMoMP.

Are you happy to see Bruce restored and on display? Let us know in the comments below!

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