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Marvel Just Killed Off One Of Their Biggest Characters

A major Marvel fan-favorite character has been killed off. The King In Black event has seen Knull, the evil god of the symbiotes, headed for earth – and bound to wreck havoc.

The rest of this article contains pretty big spoilers for King in Black #2 – don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Even though the Avengers were aware of Knull’s arrival, they were still quickly overwhelmed – with The Sentry, aka Robert Reynolds, meeting his demise in King In Black #1. Knull then declared that he was now the Void, after absorbing Reynolds’ inner demon. But the dark god didn’t stop there, with his symbiotes overpowering a number of other heroes – including Captain America.

The final moments of King In Black #1 saw Eddie Brock dropped from a building by Knull, trying desperately to warn the people in a nearby helicopter to land and get away before Knull’s dragons destroy them. It ends before fans find out his fate – although, without the symbiote to save him, it doesn’t look good.

It doesn’t take too long to find out what happens to him, as his fate is revealed early in King In Black #2. Spider-Man brings Eddie to the hideout where a number of other heroes, the ones who haven’t been turned into Knull’s symbiote followers, are trying to stay safe. They come up with a plan to try and save Eddie using a symbiote from one of Knull’s dragons – but it turns out he’s too fragile. And after his son, Dylan, gets rid of the symbiote, it’s revealed that Eddie couldn’t be saved.

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Of course, death isn’t always permanent in the Marvel Universe – so it doesn’t mean that Eddie couldn’t be back at some point in the future, or that the Avengers won’t find a way to bring a version of him back. It wouldn’t be the first time that a Marvel character was resurrected, or probably even the last. But, for now, it looks like Eddie Brock is really gone.

King In Black #2 is currently on sale now.

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