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‘Eternals’ Leaks Reveal Multiple Looks At The New MCU Team

Tons and tons of new leaks have been popping up for the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4 film, Eternals. Originally meant to open this week, the film has been delayed a year thanks to the global pandemic that effectively shut down the entire movie industry. This, in turn, created issues for all of the tie-in marketing that had already been created and that now these companies have to sit on for another several months. This has led to many items leaking out, and the latest leak showcases Richard Madden’s Ikaris, the lead for Marvel’s cosmic immortals – as well as a look at Gemma Chan’s Sersi.

Shown over on Twitter, the image gives a very up close look at Madden’s Ikaris – and shows off his costume quite well. Fans of the character from the comic books might notice that the signature red trim we’re all accustomed to is missing in the MCU version. In fact, it almost gives off a Nova type vibe. Now, whether this is meant to lead to Nova eventually coming into the MCU (The Eternals are, after all, part of the MCU’s cosmic entities), or just a sheer coincidence, that is yet to better determined.

Some leaked promo art revealed a look at Sersi – with Ikaris.

As well as a set of toys giving us a look at the team’s costumes:


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Minus the red trim and the traditional longer hair for Ikaris, this is quite a wonderful blend of comic book and real life. These costumes are going to be very impressive on screen, and may very well end up not only a big cosplay uniform for 2022, but possibly also a hugely popular Halloween costume for that year as well.

The more and more we see of this tie-in merchandise for Eternals, the more we feel the bittersweet reality of getting real updates on the film, but knowing it’s still a full year away.

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