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Daredevil Actor Charlie Cox Reportedly Wraps Filming On ‘Spider-Man 3’

Just when you thought Spider-Man 3 couldn’t add any more characters, think again. A new report suggests Daredevil actor Charlie Cox has wrapped filming of his scenes on the set of the still untitled MCU movie. There’s no word as to whether his scenes as Matt Murdock were of the MCU’s Murdock or from another dimension (similar to Jamie Foxx returning as Electro, but different). So, this may be a one-off thing that Marvel and Sony put into this film, or it could be how Cox is ushered into the MCU. Only time will tell at this point.

The report comes to us from, who writes: has learned that the actor was indeed on the set for the Marvel Studios movie. Cox is expected to be playing Matt Murdock in the film alongside Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, though at this point it is unclear if it will be the same version of Daredevil than many fans know and love from the Defenders series on Netflix or if it’s some sort of multiversal reboot. Considering the inclusion of Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange, it’s possible that the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be making major changes to Cox’s Daredevil in the future.

It’s interesting because the news comes the same week that Kevin Feige was asked about Daredevil coming to the MCU after Charlie Cox became a fan favorite with his portrayal on Netflix. The rumors had been swirling about Charlie Cox’s involvement in the film before this report, so it was only expected that the Marvel Studios boss would be asked the question – and as usual, he gave a non-answer.

“I look at anything that’s happened before, whether it’s our movies, whether it’s Marvel entertainment TV series, in particular, obviously the comics, video games, cartoons, all of it is available as inspiration for the future of Marvel. That’s the way that comics have worked for many years. So, we’ll see.”

I think one thing that can be confirmed here is that Kevin Feige is the king of the vague and dismissive answer. This man could give a TED Talk on how to answer any question without ever actually answering the question, yet the interviewer would not only not be annoyed, but would in fact be grateful for whatever crumb Feige left behind. He has done this ever since the inception of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and, like a fine wine, has only gotten better over time.

So, there you have it. Another “never say never” type response from the man that holds the hearts of every fan in the palm of his hand. This of course didn’t actually answer the question, but because he denied nothing and left the door open, hope will remain and fans will pray it comes to pass. And then there is this latest report to add to that hope.

Fortunately, after over a year of no MCU, thanks to the pandemic, fans will be getting something new from Marvel nearly every single week this year. In other words, we may be too distracted to fret over possibilities like this and will just be pleasantly surprised if it does happen.

Do you want to see Daredevil in the MCU? Let us know in the comments below!

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