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Disney CEO Says ‘Black Widow’ Is Still Set For Theatrical Only Release

The current state of the world is still in turmoil thanks to the pandemic that has many of the amenities that people took for granted shut down or, at the least, very limited. One of those luxuries that we all just accepted as a forever normal has been the cinema. Now, with theaters shut down and Hollywood just now crawling out of the depths of closure, many films that we were already meant to have seen have been delayed. Some studios, like WB, have offered up a solution of sorts by releasing new films on their respective streaming services. However, Disney and Marvel Studios have been adamant that their Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are meant for a theatrical only release, which they will hopefully have happen starting in May. A new report says that Marvel is sticking to their guns.

New Disney CEO Bob Chapek stated today, via Deadline, that Disney and Marvel is still dead-set on a theatrical only release for the long awaited Black Widow film this May. He says that they are keeping a very close eye on the current state of the world and may still make a move if it doesn’t get better. But there is, at this moment, no plan for a simultaneous release a la WB. Nor will they release the movie on Disney Plus Premier Access for a nominal fee, like they did with Mulan and are currently planning to do with Raya and the Last Dragon. Marvel purposely shoots their flicks for that cinematic experience and they want fans to be able to experience this movie together in the theater, albeit safely.

This statement doesn’t shoot down the possibility of a home release indefinitely, but with less than 90 days til its scheduled release, it looks like it is going to stay that way. But, if theaters stay closed nationwide, Disney and Marvel may have their hands forced to either delay further (which will severely hurt the MCU which is already a year behind schedule) or buckle and work out some kind of immediate home release.

Do you want Black Widow to open in theaters or get an immediate home release? Let us know in the comments below!

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