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wandavision episode 7

‘WandaVision’ Episode 7 Features Some Major Reveals

It is incredibly difficult to describe WandaVision in just one word and do it justice. Amazing. Unique. Bonkers. Shocking. These are just some characteristics that detail what is going on in the kick off of Phase 4 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And now that we are seven episodes in, the floodgates are starting to open and fans are starting to grasp what is going on. We actually got two big reveals this episode, one on each side of the morality spectrum. Get it? Spectrum? Well, you will in a moment…


So, in the “Breaking the Fourth Wall” episode, we got two character reveals that, although pretty well expected, were still surprising. Firstly, to explain my bad pun from before, Monica Rambeau has finally developed her powers and we now have a new hero in the MCU! Whether she goes by Spectrum or Photon remains to be seen, but her third trip through the Hex Field has finally altered her enough to give her the ability to see all waves of the electromagnetic spectrum and we will hopefully get to see her use even more of her powers in the final two episodes. The first female Captain Marvel in the comics, Monica has had several names over the years. She is basically a being of pure energy, so this change to her molecules over the series looks to be doing this to her here.

Seeing her character, who first appeared at the age of eleven in Captain Marvel, grow into her super-powered self has been one of the many highlights of the show. Monica has very quickly become a favorite character of the MCU, even before gaining her abilities, thanks to her fiery and morally strong takes.


On the flip side, we got a huge villainous reveal with Agatha Harkness! Everyone’s theories that Agnes was actually Marvel witch Agatha Harkness was proven true, and yet still was a breathtaking reveal. And, everything happening in Westview was not started by Wanda, but rather Harkness instead! The witch has been manipulating Wanda and the world inside the Hex Field from the jump. She has made sure to be there at every twist, including manifesting the Evan Peters version of Quicksilver.

It was also revealed that she is after the twins and that she has what looks like the Dark Hold (a magical book from the comics) in her basement/dungeon. However, this reveal doesn’t seem to prove that she is the main villain here. With two episodes to go, there may be a puppet master behind Agnes’ work.

These two reveals were huge in this episode, along with the reveal that ‘Quicksilver’ may just be a manifestation by Agatha (possibly using her bunny, Mr. Scratchy). Fans are currently losing their minds, pulling down their theory boards as these reveals, albeit it expected, actually squashed some other theories. So, with the world turned upside down, get ready for the final two episodes of WandaVision coming to Disney Plus in the next two weeks!

What were your thoughts when these reveals happened? Let us know in the comments below!

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