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wandavision spider-man: far from home

It Looks Like ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Had A Huge ‘WandaVision’ Reference

WandaVision is currently killing it on Disney Plus and has proven to be a very worthy kick off for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 4. It has also flipped the comic book film world on its head with its unique and insane storytelling. The series has as well turned all of the fans in amateur detectives, channeling their inner Sherlock Holmes to dissect every little detail and reveal every secret the show has to offer. However, most times these theories end up being beyond outlandish, to say the least. There is a new theory, though, that pulls in the epilogue of the Infinity Saga and could place a certain team even deeper into the MCU than we even realized.

ComicBook has pointed out a detail from the End Credits scene from Sony and Marvel’s joint venture, Spider-Man: Far From Home. That scene showcases a relaxed version of Nick Fury, somewhere deep in space, on a ship with the Skrulls. And, when Fury hangs out on Talos (who is impersonating him back on Earth), his beach-y hologram turns off. When it does, it does so in a hexagonal texture. A hexagon, you say? As in the constant inundation of hexagons in WandaVision?!


Well, in this case, most likely not, as the hexagon is a pretty standard shape for holographic technology like this. But, it is the next hexagon in that scene that should give fans pause.


As Fury continues to leave his little ‘vacation’ spot to walk around the spaceship, there is a large monitor screen with some kind of analytics on it. The largest of these is a greenish hexagon. What is significant here, beyond the obvious shape, is that this very much resembles the SWORD analytics colors and look. Specifically, the system Hayward is secretly using to track Vision inside the Westview anomaly. This lends credence that Fury is on a SWORD mission with the Skrulls refugees, and he could even be the director that Hayward is temporarily replacing as acting director.

These tie ins bring WandaVision even deeper into the MCU, if they were indeed intended. Even if they weren’t, they could easily be retconned as such, just like the young boy in Iron Man 2 being retconned into being a young Peter Parker. Regardless, it is just another ‘clue’ for fans to fawn over and create more theories to debate.

What do you think of these hexagon details? Let us know in the comments below!

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