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Brie Larson Posts ‘Captain Marvel 2’ Workout Video

Brie Larson wants everyone to know that she is serious when it comes to her role as Captain Marvel. The Academy Award Winning star who brought to life Marvel Studios’ first female led superhero film is getting in shape for her upcoming sequel, Captain Marvel 2. And she wants the internet to see her work and for everyone to know just how hard she is working to be one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s strongest Avengers. This time, she shared an intense workout with her personal trainer rooting her on over Zoom.

Larson shared on Twitter of a strength exercise of a stalled pull up. This is where you pull yourself up with your chin over the bar and your knees to your chest and then you hold that position for as long as possible. We see Brie hold this position for a full 60 seconds while her trainer pushes her to keep it going. This feat is pretty damn impressive, although it may look simple. In fact, I challenge anyone do the same and hold their form for a full minute. It’s tough. Not only is this something to admire from the act itself, but it shows that Larson is dedicated to get herself in even better shape for her sequel.

It’s great to get this look behind the curtain of what these actors are willing to do for their roles as iconic superheroes. The dedication these actors show to turn their bodies into the ‘hero bods’ fans expect in these movies is next level. Yes, the studio typically pays for their personal trainers and having the money they make from movies helps make dieting and exercising easier, but it is still an amazing show of determination and motivation to transform one’s body the way they do. It also gives us something to use as motivation for ourselves, if we so choose.

Are you impressed by Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel 2 workout? Let us know in the comments below!

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