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Why ‘Godzilla Vs. Kong’ Is The Last Confirmed MonsterVerse Film

When Legendary and Warner Bros released their American reboot of Godzilla in 2014, fans were ecstatic for what could come next. By 2015, it was officially announced that not only would we be getting Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla: King of the Monsters, but that both Godzilla and Kong would come together for an epic crossover film. Now, nearly six years later, that epic crossover has finally been released – Godzilla vs Kong. But now that the initially announced game plan has been completed, what happens next? Currently, there are no other MonsterVerse films in development. For all intents and purposes, Godzilla vs. Kong is currently the last movie of the franchise.

There are a couple of reasons for this. First, Godzilla: King of the Monsters didn’t exactly do well at the box office. While both Godzilla and Kong: Skull Island were big hits, King of the Monsters just didn’t seem to resonate with audiences. The film cost $200 million to make and it only managed to earn $386.6 million at the worldwide box office. In comparison, both Godzilla and Kong: Skull Island made over $500 million each. Now it looks like Warner Bros is simply waiting to see how well Godzilla vs. Kong manages to do financially. Which, considering we’re also dealing with a pandemic, also makes things complicated for the big-budget blockbuster.

On the bright side, however, the film has so far done better than any other movie released since the pandemic. This is a good sign, and one that should generate plenty of optimism for MonsterVerse fans. Warner Bros already announced a sequel to Wonder Woman 1984 not long after that film premiered on HBO Max. So considering that, it’s possible a similar approach could be taken with Godzilla vs. Kong.

It all just depends on how fans react to this film and whether or not its release is successful. But considering the more positive reviews, and how well it’s done in spite of the pandemic, I’d say there are good signs so far. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. And it shouldn’t be too hard to keep the franchise going forward, as there’s still plenty of potential to continue past Godzilla vs. Kong.

The newly released monster movie crossover, Godzilla vs. Kong, is currently available in both theaters and to stream on HBO Max.

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