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Why ‘Godzilla Vs. Kong’ Has No Post-Credits Scene

Godzilla vs. Kong is finally released, available to see in both theaters and on HBO Max via streaming. Now that the highly anticipated crossover between both Godzilla and Kong is out, however, fans have had one major question. Will there be anything else? After all, the last several entries in the MonsterVerse franchise have all featured post credits scenes. And each scene was a way to setup the next movie. Godzilla vs. Kong, on the other hand, doesn’t include any kind of post credits scene whatsoever.

This has many fans curious, and now director Adam Wingard has revealed the answer. As it turns out, he actually did shoot a post credits scene. But it ended up not working the way you’d expect. That being said, it appears the scene still exists somewhere in the movie.

Here’s what Adam Wingard specifically said about his Godzilla vs. Kong post credits scene while speaking with Collider:

“We actually did shoot a post-credits scene but we ended up using it in the movie,” Wingard explained. “Because we shot it while we were making the film and we realized we needed a scene at the end of the movie. We had this footage, and we were like ‘wait a minute, if we actually just change this thing about this footage we originally shot for a post-credit thing, we can actually use it in the movie.’ And it’s really effective. We kind of just sacrificed our post-credits scene. Which makes sense, because honestly, it’s not even like that post-credits scene is teeing up anything specific. It wasn’t like saying ‘this is definitively where the MonsterVerse is going [next].'”

It seems that even though the film once had a post credits scene, it still wasn’t leading up to anything further for the franchise. Thus, Adam Wingard had the clever idea to recut the scene and use it in a more beneficial part of the film. Of course, fans still have that question – “will there be anything else?” While nothing has been confirmed yet, it stands to reason that if Godzilla vs. Kong does well enough – there very well easily could be another continuation. Of course, only time will tell what’s in store.

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