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Taskmaster’s Look In ‘Black Widow’ Starts Debate Among Marvel Fans

Black Widow has been delayed due to forces out of everyone’s control. Now as we have a final release date of July, a good 14 months after its initial date, a new trailer has come out to give us a little more insight into the movie. And while most people feel this trailer just boosted their expectations even more, there is a bit of a debate over the film’s antagonist. At least, a debate over their look. The Taskmaster, a fan favorite villain, is finally coming to the big screen (and our homes on Disney+ Premium), but some fans don’t are for his look.

Taskmaster has always been a fascinating character. With the ability it instantly memorize and mimic any person’s mannerisms and move set, he is one of the most formidable fighters in all of Marvel. He also has one hell of a look, with a skull mask, a hood, and a bit of a pirate like outfit. The Marvel Cinematic Universe version we’ve seen in the trailers has a bit more of the practical and tactical “MCU” feel. And his skull mask has been replaced with a helmet that does still carry a bit of the skull look. But, with the recent video game versions still fresh in people’s minds, some fans have voiced a distain for the film look.

The reality here is that the video game and comic book look aren’t actually possible in real life. These mediums can ignore reality and physics for the sake of aesthetics. However, for a live action film, and a character not made entirely from CGI, this costume not only makes sense, it looks really good. Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but don’t let this ruin the film for you. It could have been a whole lot worse.

What are your thoughts on Taskmaster’s look? Let us know in the comments below!

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