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‘Black Widow’ New Look Showcases Intense Battle With Taskmaster

We are living in a strange and unprecedented time in human history. The COVID-19 global pandemic brought the world to a screeching halt. Now, instead of having already seen the solo Black Widow film for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and preparing for the November arrival of Eternals, we instead got a six month delay because of theaters shutting down planet wide and now we’re waiting for the fall release of Scarlett Johansson’s prequel outing. Now, a new look has arrived and it showcases a tense battle against Taskmaster.

Thanks to Empire Online, we get a new official still that are highlights from the final trailer that was attached to the incredibly long awaited theatrical release of the final FOX X-Men franchise movie, New Mutants.

black widow taskmaster fight

What we find out is that Taskmaster has taken over the Red Room, where the Black Widow assassins are trained and conditioned. This apparently doesn’t sit well with Natasha Romanoff, who looks to take the fight to the mimicking assassin. Another thing revealed in the final trailer (but not the still) is that Rachel Weisz’s character is seemingly Nat’s mom!

Weisz’s character is still a secret at the moment, and it’s unclear whether she is possibly a villain in disguise or not. It’s also unsure whether she is Nat’s biological mother, or adoptive mother from the Red Room. What we can tell is that everyone will seem to have an issue and altercation with Taskmaster, and they don’t seem to go well at all. We’re two months away now from the film’s delayed release, so it’s unlikely if we’ll get any more information about what to expect. Fans will just have to wait it out and see for themselves when Black Widow finally hits theaters this November!

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