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‘Freddy Vs. Jason’ Original Ending Had A Different Outcome

Freddy vs. Jason is a horror film crossover between the Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street franchises. While the film was finally released in 2003, it still had issues during production. For example, the movie had a variety of alternate endings pitched – one of which was filmed and was actually the film’s original ending. This particular ending for Freddy vs. Jason would have actually seen Freddy Krueger become the winner of the film in more ways than one.

As those who’ve seen Freddy vs. Jason know, the film ultimately ends rather ominously. At first glance, it appears that Jason Voorhees comes out on top. He exists the smoky waters of Crystal Lake with Freddy Krueger’s head in his hand. While Jason can be considered the clear winner, Freddy’s head still manages to blink, implying that there’s more than meets the eye. While that ending is a fine conclusion that seems to favor both slasher villains to some extent, the alternate ending was much different.

Unlike several unused pitched endings for the film, this particular alternate ending for Freddy vs. Jason was indeed shot. It features the two surviving protagonists of the film, Will (Jason Ritter) and Lori (Monica Keena) in bed together. The two are preparing to make love for the first time, which was something of a character arc throughout the movie. But in true Nightmare on Elm Street style, Freddy Krueger manages to completely warp the experience. As Will gets on top of Lori, he becomes increasingly more aggressive towards her. As she panics, Will raises his hand, and Freddy’s trademark blades protrude from his fingertips. The end.

It’s an ending that test audiences simply did not enjoy. Apparently it left too many unanswered questions. While it does fit the endings of past Nightmare on Elm Street films extremely well, it doesn’t quite make sense regarding the Jason Voorhees side of things. As such, the filmmakers ended up shooting the ending we now have in the film. This means both slasher villains get their final moments in a way that, although still somewhat vague, allows them to both be respective winners.

The ending with Will and Lori is available on the YouTube video above, but in the event it’s taken down, it’s on the DVD and Blu-ray releases of Freddy vs Jason. As such, you can see it for yourself and decide whether or not you would’ve liked it being in the film. Personally, it does seem like it could have made a nice after credits scene. Keep the newly shot ending with Jason Voorhees coming out of Crystal Lake, as it implies he goes back to haunting the campground as before. But then if this were the after credits scene, it shows Freddy Krueger once again has power over Springwood. Essentially allowing both slasher villains to split back into their own franchises with the potential for sequels that ultimately never happened.

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