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‘Deadpool’ Theory Completely Changes The Marvel Cinematic Universe

One of the most exciting prospects about Disney’s acquisition of Fox is that they would gain the film rights to all of their X-Men characters. This includes Deadpool, who managed to get two very successful solo films before Fox was acquired by Disney. It’s since been stated that the Deadpool film franchise would now become part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Of course, many fans are confused regarding how such a merge could work. As it turns out, a new theory about Deadpool might actually explain everything.

The theory actually begins with the movie Deadpool 2, particularly because of the ending which involves time travel. One Reddit user, LR-II, explained that the time travel jokes featured in the film might actually have more of a purpose than they lead on. According to the theory, this is also where Deadpool 3 would come into play. As stated by the Reddit user:

“Deadpool 3 could pick up after [Deadpool traveling in time] and could show Deadpool, as well as any characters they want to bring over into the MCU, going to various points and ‘pushing’ well known heroes into their origin stories,” he wrote.

This means that by time traveling, as stated by the theory, Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool could actually be the reason the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe was created. Here are a few examples that were given for the theory:

“He could be in the car that causes Dr Strange’s accident, make war look appealing to Steve Rogers, and even convince Tony Stark to show off his weapon on location in Afghanistan,” wrote LR-II. “They then return to the present, finding a new world.”

While it might not make perfect sense, especially considering the MCU’s own time travel concepts, it is an interesting theory to consider. And because at least Deadpool if not more of Fox’s X-Men characters are going to end up in the MCU anyways, there’s going to have to be some kind of explanation. With that in mind, why not use the time travel scenes that already exist? Of course, we’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds.

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