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People Flood Missouri Ghost Town After TikTok Video Goes Viral

A TikTok video recently went viral after it captured a 900-acre project called Indian Ridge Resort on video. The area is located near Table Rock Lake in Branson, Missouri, and was partially constructed over ten years ago. It was intended to be a massive $1.6 billion resort but because of the economic recession of 2008, the project was abandoned. And, interestingly, it’s been standing in Missouri ever since as a sort of ghost town.

As a result, one TikTok user managed to record a video of the location. Because of the interesting history of the location and the spooky aesthetic, people have been traveling from all over to see the sights. Of course, since the area is located on private property, this isn’t recommended. As a result even law enforcement has actually been warning people against visiting.

In fact, the Stone County Sheriff’s Office gave the following warning via Facebook:

“A recent Tik-Tok video went viral about the Indian Ridge development that went bankrupt. This has caused this location off of 76 Highway to become a tourist attraction. THIS IS PRIVATE PROPERTY AND YOU CAN BE CITED FOR TRESPASSING! Our Deputies are very busy handling calls for service and really do not want to write people tickets for trespassing. Please do not enter the property. Please do not trespass on the property. It has been a constant flow of people walking down in the development all weekend. Please go visit our many other tourist attractions in Stone County including Table Rock lake! Thank you! Sheriff Doug Rader”

As of this writing, the viral TikTok video has over 15.6 million views. It’s become an impressive example of social media and just how far it can reach. The location has obviously been decaying for over a decade now, and all of a sudden it’s become a major attraction. But with law enforcement keeping people from visiting the location, it seems unlikely that the Missouri ghost town will maintain its popularity.


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