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Chris Hemsworth Shows Off ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ Look In New Video

Chris Hemsworth is set to make Marvel Cinematic Universe history when he embarks on the first ever fourth solo film for a character in Thor: Love and Thunder. As the God of Thunder looks to redefine himself, he will face his biggest threat yet, but not alone. And, as Odinson tries to save the day, he’ll be doing it with his golden locks intact. After the events of his last film, Thor: Ragnarok, Thor’s hair had been cut short. But, during the five years after the Snap, he had grown it out again. Now, thanks to a social media post, we see that Thor is keeping his traditional hairstyle for his latest adventure.


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Hemsworth posted a very cute video of himself and his son ‘sparring’ in a parking lot over on his Instagram. His son, sporting a Thor-esque cape, is touted as the ‘next heavyweight champion of the universe’. In the clip, you can see the actor sporting the traditional long locks normally associated with the Asgardian. Other behind the scenes photos from the set of the film have also teased that he would keep this look.

We also know that by the time this film comes into continuity, Thor would have lost that ‘bro’ weight he carried in Avengers: Endgame and would be back to the muscular and fit God of Thunder we’ve seen in all previous films. Many fans love the long hair look, especially since it is more comic accurate, for the most part. So, seeing that Thor is keeping this look and a bit of that Asgardian Royalty feel, even though he relinquished his crown to Valkyrie.

As this film wraps production, more and more BTS leaks are sure to come out for Thor: Love And Thunder – and hopefully we’re only a couple months away from a possible trailer. This movie looks to be a possible send off for Chris Hemworth’s Thor with Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster taking up the hammer and becoming The Mighty Thor most likely for the future of the MCU.

Do you prefer long hair Thor or short hair Thor? Let us know in the comments below!

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