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Wolverine Anthology Series Rumored To Be In The Works For Disney Plus

Ever since Disney acquired Fox Media and all of the Marvel properties associated with them returned to Marvel, fans have been clamoring for how the studio would incorporate such major franchises like the Fantastic Four and the X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But, while Marvel has announced a future FF movie in the works, there has been nothing on the mutant front as far as news. That is, until now. A new rumor suggests that Marvel might be working on an anthology series for Disney Plus revolving around Wolverine!

The Hashtag Show is reporting that Marvel is working on a Wolverine anthology series. What this series will entail is Wolverine’s adventures throughout his long life and how they fit into the MCU. This way the series will not impact any of Logan’s possible appearances in future MCU films and shows that are set in their current present day. The show will go over his Weapon X origin and other major storylines from his comic book runs, like his time in Japan and Madripoor (which was introduced in Falcon and the Winter Soldier). There is zero news on directors, showrunners, writers, or cast. This is just some ‘insight’ into this being on the books as an upcoming project for now.

With all of that being said, be sure to take this story with a major grain of salt. If the story turns out to be real, we are in for one hell of a treat and it’s definitely something that fans will be interesting in seeing. Wolverine is one of Marvel’s most popular characters and MCU fans getting to see his history unfold in an anthology series would be amazing!

Do you want a Wolverine anthology series on Disney Plus? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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