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Beardless Benedict Cumberbatch Spotted On ‘Doctor Strange 2’ Set

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is set to bust open the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the full introduction of the multiverse. With this introduction, we could see a whole slew of new heroes popping up as well as alternate versions of some of our favorite MCU characters thus far. And, as far as alternate versions of heroes are concerned, we may just be getting a different look at the MCU’s future Sorcerer Supreme.

Recently, Benedict Cumberbatch gave a Zoom interview where he unfortunately was unable to show his face so as not to give away any kind of spoiler for his upcoming sequel. However, a friendly fan video of Cumberbatch saying hello to some people has made its way to Twitter. In it, we can clearly see that Benedict is completely clean shaven, losing the iconic Doctor Strange goatee. Is the Doctor going for a new look? He is also wearing a baseball cap, concealing his hair. Or is he concealing a lack of hair? Could Strange be on his way to becoming the new Ancient One and taking on the visual aesthetic of Tilda Swinton’s character? Or, is this Cumberbatch whilst filming an alternate version of himself? Could there be a multiverse where the good doctor never has his accident which ultimately leads to him never becoming a sorcerer? It is interesting, for sure, to speculate what this clean shaven look can mean.

The most likely answer here is that Marvel will use a prosthetic beard for the character to make sure that they keep a consistent look for the hero throughout filming. However, given that Cumberbatch couldn’t show his face before in an interview does lend credence to his look being altered for the sake of of the story. So, did this fan video let the cat out of the bag? We won’t know for sure until at least a trailer for the film is released. However, with this film still quite a ways away, it will be some time before we get said trailer.

What are your thoughts on Cumberbatch’s clean shaven look for Doctor Strange 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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