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Cult Theory Makes ‘Hereditary’ Even More Horrifying

Ari Aster has quickly become a popular name in the horror scene. He not only directed the 2019 film Midsommar, which is often compared to the likes of The Wicker Man, but he got his start with the 2018 indie horror flick Hereditary. This 2018 horror film is often cited by fans as a clever example of subtext, something which is found all throughout Ari Aster’s filmography. But one interesting new theory makes Hereditary an even more horrifying watch for fans.

As those who have viewed the film know, there is a particular cult of Paimon featured throughout the movie. Interestingly, however, a new fan theory provides the basis that the cult of Paimon might have had a much bigger impact on the family throughout Hereditary. This theory comes courtesy of a user on Reddit, who made the following claim that one of Peter’s friends is actually part of the cult. Apparently one of the cult members at the end of the film actually closely resembles one of Peter’s friends that had a similar build and hairstyle in an earlier scene.

So it’s hard to tell, but…is that Peter’s friend (blue hoodie) present at the ending??? from Hereditary

Another Redditor also added the following possibility:

“And maybe the weed that made him choke was a similar herb to the one Joan puts in Annie’s tea! Prepping them for the upcoming ritual.”

Ultimately, while the answers are not exactly clear, it goes to show just how thought-provoking of a film Hereditary really is. It’s a movie that can be deconstructed in any variety of ways, all of which point out the troubling subject matter and horrifying climax. Whether or not one of Peter’s friends was actually involved with the cult, or if the weed was the same as the herb in Annie’s tea, might all be unknown. But again, it just goes to show that it’s a complex horror movie that really triggers its audiences in a truly creepy way.

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