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A Forgotten Marvel Movie Is Finding New Life On Streaming

When it comes to luck, possibly no movie ever has had it as bad as The New Mutants did. The movie suffered multiple delays from 2017 – 2020. It was finally released last year in theaters – only to have a lackluster run due to pandemic related restrictions. However, as most things seem to do, the Marvel movie has found new life on streaming, specifically on Hulu.

At the time of this writing, the movie is currently #6 on all of the top movies on the platform. Considering how big of a platform that is, that’s a pretty impressive statistic.

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While it probably won’t happen now, due to its lackluster box office, bad reviews and the fact that Kevin Feige is in charge of the X-Men characters now, many might find it interesting to learn that the movie was initially sold as part of a trilogy according to director Josh Boone.

“When we sold it originally, we conceptually sold it as a trilogy, with the second one being an alien invasion movie set in Brazil where Roberto is, where his dad is, who is part of the Hellfire Club. Then, the last one was hopefully going to dovetail with the X-Men movies and we were going to do Inferno, that crossover, which had all these supernatural, satanic horror elements. The idea was to try to do a different genre, subgenre, of horror movie with each of these movies. That was the idea, but it wasn’t something we thought much about because of the merger and everything else.”

Could The New Mutants find new life and a cult following the way some movies do and get an eventual sequel? We highly doubt it, because, as we said, Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige is handling everything Marvel now, and it’s pretty unlikely he’d want to re-visit this part of the universe again. All of the X-Men characters will likely get rebooted for the Marvel Cinematic Universe at some point in the next couple of years.

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