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Finn Wittrock Cast As Guy Gardner For ‘Green Lantern’ HBO Max Series

One of the most exciting upcoming DC projects is HBO Max’s Green Lantern series. The new show will be an epic take on the classic Green Lantern franchise, with a timeline that will span “decades and galaxies.” And, in an equally exciting new announcement, we now know who will be playing Guy Gardner. It’s been confirmed that actor Finn Wittrock has been cast as Guy Gardner in the Green Lantern series, and he will play the character throughout its 1984 storylines.

As revealed by THR, the new take on Guy Gardner has been described as “a hulking mass of masculinity, and, as rendered in the comics, an embodiment of 1980s hyper-patriotism. And yet, Guy is somehow likable.”

We should hopefully have more details on the upcoming HBO Max series soon, especially now that casting has started. It’s been said that this will be the most expensive series that executive producer Greg Berlanti has worked on, and considering his work on projects like Arrow for The CW, that should indicate just how high concept this new series will be. As such, stay tuned to ScreenGeek for any further new details on HBO Max’s Green Lantern series as we have them. This will definitely be a project worth looking out for.

In the new Green Lantern series which includes Finn Wittrock as Guy Gardner…

“Green Lantern reinvents the classic DC property through a story spanning decades and galaxies, beginning on Earth in 1941 with the very first Green Lantern, secretly gay FBI agent Alan Scott, and 1984, with cocky alpha male Guy Gardner and half-alien Bree Jarta. They’ll be joined by a multitude of other Lanterns — from comic book favorites to never-before-seen heroes.”

The new Green Lantern HBO Max series is scheduled for filming later this year. The series is being written by Seth Grahame-Smith and Marc Guggenheim. Greg Berlanti is attached as an executive producer.

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