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‘Captain Marvel 2’ Gets An Official Title In ‘The Marvels’; Hits Theaters November 2022

Captain Marvel was a polarizing film for some fans, but was one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most successful box offices hits. It also introduced one of the MCU’s most powerful heroes as well as expanding on the cosmic realm. Now, as Carol Danvers prepares for her sequel, including being joined by newcomers Ms. Marvel and Monica Rambeau. So, thanks to the new Marvel Phase 4 hype video, we see that not only has the film been given a release date, but also an apt title for the sequel in The Marvels!

The sequel, titled The Marvels, lends to the plot a bit as Kamala Khan (off of her Disney Plus series coming out soon) as well as WandaVision standout Monica Rambeau will be joining Carol Danvers in the MCU modern day for a brand new adventure. Khan will be the ‘fangirl’ style addition, as she has created her superhero identity around Captain Marvel. Monica, however, may not be so keen to see Carol. Lieutenant Trouble, as she was known as a child, seems to have an issue with Captain Marvel as an adult. This tension between them was teased during WandaVision, and hopefully will play out in the sequel film. While not much is truly known as of yet of what the plot will actually be, we do know that this movie will be hitting theaters November 11th, 2022.

With Nia DeCosta at the helm, The Marvels looks to truly flesh out Carol Danvers as well as her supporting cast. And as it is set to start filming this summer, we could get some idea of what to expect from this follow up story sooner rather than later. After all of the hiatuses necessary over the past year, it will be excited indeed to start seeing these films getting to work and news coming out as to what to expect.

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