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Ryan Reynolds Teases Possible ‘Deadpool’ Return With New Photo

Ryan Reynolds has popularly brought the Deadpool character to life on the big screen, something which became a big deal when Disney acquired Fox. This meant that Disney would once again have access to X-Men and the many characters under that brand, including Deadpool. As such, they would be able to introduce the comical mercenary into their ever-growing Marvel Cinematic Universe. But it’s been unclear when exactly production on such a project would begin – but now Ryan Reynolds might be teasing that it could be very soon. As shared down below, Ryan Reynolds decided to post a photo of the iconic Deadpool mask on his Instagram story.

While the meaning of this image wasn’t explained, it seems to imply that Ryan Reynolds will be suiting up as the iconic character for some new reason. With talk of Disney introducing Deadpool into the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe, it definitely seems likely that Ryan Reynolds could be teasing production on a potential Deadpool 3 with his photo. Of course, he could also be using the photo to keep hype for the character alive.

Here’s the photo that you can see down below for yourself, shared courtesy from TheCultureChris on Twitter:

What’s more, the photo posted by Ryan Reynolds featuring the Deadpool mask also seems to show a piece of paper with writing. Unfortunately, it’s near impossible to see what’s written on the cover. While it could be a script of sorts or some other clue to what Ryan Reynolds plans to use the mask for – it’s just too hard to see. With that said, if Disney and Marvel really wanted to take advantage of their Deadpool acquisition, it certainly seems like shooting should begin any time now.

Hopefully we’ll have more details on that soon. Until then, Ryan Reynolds has certainly done a great job at keeping fans hyped up for the character – whether he’s planning something in the near future or not. So stay tuned to ScreenGeek for more updates on those fronts as we have them.

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