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Steven Spielberg Still Won’t Allow Universal To Reboot ‘Jaws’

Fans of Jaws that don’t want to see the film rebooted should be happy to know that Steven Spielberg doesn’t want to see it happen either. In fact, according to a recent report, it appears that Steven Spielberg recently denied Universal the opportunity to make a Jaws reboot.

Here’s what he specifically had to say according to a report made by Deadline:

“One area [Spielberg] will not revisit is Jaws. Deadline heard recently that Universal broached the subject to reboot Spielberg’s breakout classic, with Spielberg producing, and the answer was a firm no. Some at Universal and Amblin said this was already known and not a recent conversation.”

Indeed, the Jaws franchise has been pretty dormant as far as films go ever since Jaws: The Revenge was infamously released in 1987. It seems by that point Steven Spielberg had enough with the attempts to mimic his first theatrical film, and he has no intentions of letting it happen again. At least not in his lifetime. He’s made similar comments in the past insisting that he’ll never digitally alter the special effects of the original Jaws. Nevertheless, the franchise has still managed to survive in other ways. This includes home video re-releases, theatrical screenings, video games, toys, and other such merchandise.

It’s definitely nice knowing that Jaws appears to be protected by Steven Spielberg compared to some other major Hollywood properties that just keep coming back. But on that note, it wouldn’t exactly be too surprising if at one point a Jaws reboot did happen one day. After all, while Steven Spielberg might be against the idea, it does only seem to feel like a matter of time.

With that said, at least we can appreciate the original Jaws and the impact that its legacy has had on pop culture throughout the decades. It really is a true cinematic classic.

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