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‘Fantastic Four’ Rumor: Marvel Wants Most Of The 4 Members To Be Diverse

Ever since Disney purchased Fox and got the rights back to the Fantastic Four and the X-Men, fans have been begging for some idea of whom the studio would cast in the role of Marvel’s First Family. The Fantastic Four are part of the foundation of of Marvel Comics – and in turn deserve a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With their film announced for the finale of the MCU’s Phase 4, and current Spider-Man director Jon Watts confirmed to helm the project, people want to know who will be donning the blue tights emblazoned with the iconic ‘4’. Now, a new update gives us at least an idea of what Marvel is looking for in terms of cast.

Fandomwire is purposing an exclusive that whilst no names have been dropped, some casting details have come forward. Their source had this to say on what Marvel is looking for:

“Marvel wants most, if not all four members to be diverse, so they are looking to specifically cast people of color. They also want this new team to be younger, aged 20s-30s. They plan to keep Sue and Johnny as actual siblings this time in the same race, but they are open to mixing all races in casting this family. For example, Human Torch and Invisible Woman could be Latinos, allowing Mr. Fantastic to be Black or Asian. They are still very open.”

Fans have been clamoring non-stop for John Krasinksi and Emily Blunt, the real life couple and tremendous talents, to take up the roles of Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman, respectively. However, both actors have adamantly denied even receiving offers for said roles nor a real desire to play the parts. So, with them seemingly out, Marvel looks to expand on their diversity by opening the casting for Marvel’s First Family. This actually makes sense, as their race plays no factor whatsoever in their backstory, so why not represent more inclusion with these iconic characters?

Whomever Marvel chooses to take up these mantles, the studio has done amazingly with their casting choices and will most likely hit another one out of the park again here. The casting is still some time away, as there hasn’t even been an official release date yet given and it is at least two years away. So, while this information, if true, is valuable, don’t expect to get any official news any time soon.

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