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Rumor: Major Plot Details For JUSTICE LEAGUE Revealed

Back in August, we reported on a large list of DCEU leaks. Most of which have actually came to be true.With the recent reports coming out that Justice League 2 has been pushed back so that Zack Snyder can direct a smaller scale film, and also that Green Lantern will be appearing at the end of Justice League (both of which were on the long list, as well as Aquaman’s villain, etc.) we felt that we should re-visit the leaks.

Well, upon looking back on that list, we definitely did find some interesting stuff about Justice League and Justice League 2.

Obviously, potential MAJOR SPOILERS follow, so if you aren’t interested – look away now.

If you’re still here – you’re still interested. Here are the alleged plot details:

  • Justice League’s villain is Steppenwolf as you all know. The League fights Parademons for a good chunk of the film. Lex is let out of prison and gets the public to love him. He tries to manipulate the public into hating heroes like Batman and Superman but it doesn’t work. Lex helps Steppenwolf come to Earth in exchange for technology and knowledge. Lex is very manipulative and much calmer than he was in BvS. He’s also much scarier in my opinion. There’s a funny scene after the League is assembled where Joker and Harley are committing a crime and they expect Batman to show up…when the whole League arrives. It’s really funny and Joker and Harley just stand there, not knowing what to do now. Kind of like a “Well…shit” moment. Later, the League get their asses kicked by Steppenwolf but then Superman returns and weakens him. The full Justice League then works together to defeat Steppenwolf in an awesome climactic fight reminiscent of the big fight scene in The Avengers. Superman has a beard, long hair, tattered/scorched-looking black suit, and is thin at first (not as thin as Flashpoint Superman but still thin). During the fight with Steppenwolf, you see his full strength return with each swing and with each second he’s in the sunlight. Green Lantern shows up at the very very end of the film (may even be moved to mid/post-credit scene). There’s a full Darkseid tease at the end buuuuut…
  • Justice League 2 may or may not use Darkseid as the villain. The biggest concern is comparisons to Thanos. They may hold off and use him further down the line once the dust has settled following Infinity War. Other villains being considered are the Injustice League, the Crime Syndicate and The Society. They really want multiple villains for the sequel for some reason. Tower of Babel is also being discussed as a possible plot.
  • Justice League 2 will be pushed back to the end of 2019 to make room for Justice League Dark (which will have a different title to not confuse moviegoers).

Again, this was taken from a large list that you can check out for yourselves here.

What do you think about this news? What do you think of the potential plot? Be sure to tell us in the comment section below!


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