Major Marvel Character Rumored To Be Killed Off In AVENGERS 4

Leaks seem to be the hip new thing these days. It seems to happen quite a bit with everything, though – they’re not always accurate.

Oftentimes, though, there is smoke where there is fire.

A new leak from 4Chan (allegedly a disgruntled employee) predicts some pretty major stuff for the future of The MCU.

Obvious spoilers ahead!

Okay, if you’re still here, this (in addition to a lot of other stuff) has been said about what will happen in Avengers 4:

Captain America 4 is on the table now that Chris Evan renewed is contract. Plot may revolved around Cap assembling a new Avengers team of new heroes. This leads me to believe Iron Man dies in Avengers 4.

Now obviously, take this with a grain of salt. These 4Chan leaks have been accurate in the past, but they’re also been off as well.

We already know that someone is going to die in the next two Avengers movies, as Infinity War director Joe Russo hinted to it just recently:

“My brother [Anthony Russo] and I believe in stakes. I believe that everything has to have an end at some point in order for it to have value. The audience should be prepared.”

Kevin Feige added:

“It’ll be emotional for a lot of different reasons. As all our films try to do, we want to have the laughs, we want to have the heart, we want to have the humor, and Infinity War has all of that.”

And back in June, Feige had this to say about the upcoming films:

“We have another two years of hard work to even finish these movies, and they [the actors] have a lot of hard work to do, so that’s all we’re thinking about, is completing those and delivering on the promise of those. Where it goes beyond that, we’ll see.”

It’ll be sad, but as with every good thing – it has to end at some point.

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