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Major DC Character Essentially Confirmed To NOT Be In Justice League

After the awesome trailer for Justice League dropped at Comic Con, speculation has been raised as to who appears at the end of the trailer.

The speculation and probable actuality is that this is Superman. However, Geeks far and wide have speculated that this could be any of a number of characters.

These include a Green Lantern, Superman and in my opinion – Supergirl. Many have argued that, and this includes myself, that the holographic image Bruce is looking at looks quite effeminate.


Now, I can see both arguments, that it’s just Superman, but there is a precedent in the DCEU that suggest it could be Kara Zor-El.

I went into more detail about this in a recent article.

However, the DCEU Leaks page of Reddit suggest that the Indian translation of the scene with Alfred uses the masculine term for:

“You will come”

If this is true, it could put the final nail in the coffin of speculation that Supergirl will appear in Justice League. Check out the post below.


Personally, I think there’s more evidence that points to Supergirl being mentioned in the movie. I could easily see Bruce using the crashed Scout Ship to discover there is another Kryptonian living on Earth.

The hologram could be an image of Supergirl and the fact that Bruce “knew you’d come” suggests they have met.

Also – why would Bruce know Superman would or could come back from the dead?

I am genuinely interested in hearing your thoughts in the comment section below! 

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