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George Romero Almost Made A Marvel Film – And It Would Have Been Super Weird

One of the saddest parts of George Romero’s career is hearing what films he was once attached to before the projects fell through. This included movies like Resident Evil, The Mummy, and now apparently even a Marvel Comics film. And for a hero none other than Copperhead!

Bloody-Disgusting received the news, which comes from an exclusive clip for the documentary “Untold Horror”. The film is set to reveal a variety of projects that never got made by iconic horror filmmakers, and thus comes the story of Romero’s Copperhead.

Romero explained the film was essentially “Transformers meets RoboCop.” Bob Layton, concept artist for the canceled project, continued to explain the film.

“It was a post-apocalyptic world… populated by cyborgs, ninjas, mad scientists… this movie had everything,” Layton began. “At one point in the midst of a battle, Copperhead picks up a horse and throws it at somebody. That’s what hooked me when I read the script.”

It certainly sounds like it would’ve been a celebrated 1980s masterpiece had it come to fruition. You can check out the clip below where they discuss the film.

It’s fascinating to hear such a film almost got made, not to mention from an icon as brilliant as George A. Romero. Maybe giving horror directors a shot at comic book films is what the genre really needs. It seemed to work for Sam Raimi and the first two Spider-Man films after all.

What did you think of Romero’s unmade Copperhead adaptation? Would you have liked to see it get made? Let us know in the comments section below!

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