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Kevin Feige Weighs In On The Possibility Of A Female Thor In The MCU

There have been many takes on Thor in Marvel Comics. Most recently, Thor has been deemed unworthy to hold the power of Mjolnir since the events of Original Sin and it has been passed on to someone more worthy to wield the hammer. For a sort while we didn’t know who the female Thor using Mjolnir was and for a time being, it was anybody’s guess on.

Later it was revealed to be none other than (prepare yourself) Jane Foster that became the new All Mighty Thor while former Thor would become known just as Odinson.

That being said, many fans have been wondering if this storyline would ever appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige himself, spoke about this being a possibility with Fandango.

“We always look back to the comics to get those ideas … sometimes very specific storylines like “Civil War,” sometimes just nuggets or characters like “Planet Hulk. So anything that’s happened in the comics, even a female Thor, become great potentials and the ideas from which future movies can be born.

Feige has taken portions from other comics in the Marvel Universe, like Civil War and Planet Hulk, and gave us a more cinematic condensed version of the storylines with great success in the past. With that track record, it doesn’t totally out of the realm of possibility that we may get to see the Unworthy Thor played out in the big screen.

Even Karl Urban, who plays Skurge in the film, is absolutely behind the idea of a female Thor taking up the mantle.

I know what you’re going to ask when it comes to concerning a certain actress that’s been M.I.A in the MCU.

“Uuumm where would Natalie Portman fit in all this?”

Given that she hasn’t totally shut out Marvel from her life, it’s still a possibility that something could be worked out to bring back Natalie Portman back to the role.

If not, there’s always Tessa Thompson who has the critics raving about her role as Valkyrie.

Are you any of you excited to see a female Thor in the MCU? Let us know in the comments!


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