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An Awesome Horror Icons Crossover Movie Has Been Pitched

You may already be aware that screenwriter Max Landis has no problem with creating and pitching film concepts on the spot. But his latest pitch would see a crossover movie between a variety of horror icons – and at the very least it sounds pretty interesting.

In an interview with The Writer’s Panel Podcast, Landis was quickly asked if there was an existing IP the screenwriter would like to be a part of. He was quick to say,

“Yeah, the thing I’ve been pitching for six f***ing years!”

He then went into detail about his project, that would begin in a familiar location – Elm Street. A young teenager is seen living there eating dinner with his family, before we realize he’s been poisoned and passes out into a coma. Then…

“Freddy stalks the kid… pops out… claws to the face… dead instantly,” Landis explains. “Except he’s not. Freddy can’t get his claws out of the kid’s face. All of a sudden, chains, like the movie Hellraiser, go all around Freddy… pull him up and lock him… he’s like a scarecrow.”

Landis then elaborates that something else happened the night Freddy Krueger was burned alive rather than the usual story.

“The parents of Elm Street were like a cult,” Landis continues. “And they sacrificed an innocent man, Fred Krueger, to summon the demon, Freddy Krueger, and then have been sacrificing their children for 30 years to this demon to become incredibly famous and powerful and wealthy. Now, they have finally gotten to the point where they are going to sacrifice the demon itself [to Pinhead].”
The story takes the teenager and Freddy Krueger through a variety of different worlds, where they acquire two more “friends” along the way. This includes a young version of Jason Voorhees who can morph at will into his older, buffer self, and even Chucky the notorious killer doll.

So Jason, Freddy and our kid break Chucky out of the Good Guy doll factory and head into actual hell – the space between the netherrealm – to confront Pinhead and the cenobites who are who the cult worships that originally summon Freddy, who are our actual villains.”

It definitely would give a new perspective on these beloved and iconic characters, but it’ll likely never happen given the large budget required as well as the endless rights issues involved. But who knows, in a world where Freddy vs. Jason did happen over a decade ago, crossovers aren’t entirely impossible.

Would you like to see this happen? Be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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